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Achievement, Ability and Readiness
Educational Development Series (EDSERIES)
High School Placement Test (HSPT®)
Kuhlmann–Anderson Tests (KA)
Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT)
School Readiness Test (SRT)
Diagnostic Mathematics Assessment (DMA)
Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA)
QUIC™ Tests
Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)
Gifted Education
The Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT)
Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA)
Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement (TCAM)
Thinking Creatively with Sounds and Words (TCSW)
Torrance Monograph Series
Research Review for the Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking
Khatena-Morse Multitalent Perception Inventory (KMMPI)
Early Childhood and Special Needs
Coping Inventories


Coping Inventory: A Measure of Adaptive Behavior, Observation and Self-Rated Forms


Early Coping Inventory: A Measure of Adaptive Behavior, Observation and Self-Rated Forms
Comprehensive Identification Process (CIP)
Creativity Boosters
Learning to Solve Mathematics Word Problems Creatively
Learning to Use Place Value Creatively
Learning and Using Primes, Fractions, and Decimals Creatively
All 3 Learning/Creatively Books
Tin Man Press Products - Limited Quantities


Loosen Up!


Surprise in the Middle


Just Write!


How Would That Look?
Daily Bite Review - Limited Quantities


Level 5
Books for Creativity
E. Paul Torrance, “The Creativity Man” an authorized biography
Education is EVERYBODY’S Business
Everyday Creativity: An Easy-to-Read Guide
Exiting from Within
Mentor Relationships: How They Aid Creative Achievement, Endure, Change, and Die
Not Just Schoolwork: New Directions in Written Expression
The Creativity Passion: E. Paul Torrance’s Voyages of Discovering Creativity
The Future of Creativity: The University of Georgia–Dr. E. Paul Torrance Annual Lectures on Creativity
The Making of a BEYONDER: Ways to Nurture Your Creative Achievement and Spirit
The Power of Creativity
Why Fly? A Philosophy of Creativity
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