Additional Materials

EDSERIES School Scoring Kit contains materials that are used for local scoring: Manual for Hand Scoring and Interpreting Results, hand scoring key(s), Class Record Sheet, and norms conversion tables.

The Class Record Sheet can be used either to record individual student performance or to record class summary reports.

The Content Outline Booklet provides a complete listing of EDSERIES objectives and corresponding item numbers for each subtest.

The Growth Profile serves as a useful counseling tool by organizing annual test performance into easy-to-read charts.

The Technical Manual provides technical and standardization information available for the EDSERIES. It includes summaries of normative, intercorrelational, reliability, and validity studies.

The Development and Description Manual describes the development of the EDSERIES and discusses the subtests in detail. (Specified norms tables will be included.)

Student Score Folders contain an explanation of how to graph and interpret test results. They also provide a place to affix student labels.

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