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Preschool Progress Screening at STS

The Preschool Progress Screening (PPS) is a brief developmental inventory for children aged 3-5 years. The PPS was designed to report on developmental milestones, drive classroom instruction, and to preliminarily identify children who may be in need of additional support services. Get a snapshot of general educational exposure, experiences and growth skills that should be progressing in 3-5 year old by using the PPS. The PPS puts a focus on the individual progress of each child over time.

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The PPS is an individually administered screening intended to be given twice per school year (i.e. fall and mid-year). Administration time is 20 minutes per full screening.

Evaluating Pre-K Skills

Product Detail PPS

The PPS Child Screening Record, one for each child, allows the teacher to record the child's responses and will serve as the child's report. During administration of each activity, points will be given based on the child's response. Part scores will be given for the 3 development areas and the PPS total score will provide a developmental indicator of “OK” or “Recheck.”

The twelve PPS screening activities include:

1.Color Recognition 7.Patterns
2.Shape Recognition 8.Sorting
3.Body Part Recognition 9.Counting Blocks
4.Name/Letter Recognition 10.Block Tower
5.Following Two/Three Step Directions 11.Book Handling Skills
6. Verbal Reasoning/Analogies 12.Gross Motor/Balance

Each screening activity will fall into one of three central areas of development:
  • Language
  • Concepts
  • Motor Skills

PPS Materials

The PPS Starter Set includes:

  • 1 User’s Manual
  • Package of 20 Screening Records
  • 1 Set of Manipulatives: 6 color cards, 6 shape cards, and 15 colored blocks

Also available:

The PPS Parent Teacher Report is a great companion piece to help report screening results to parents. The results from both screenings are recorded side-by-side for easy interpretation.

PPS Parent Teacher Report is sold in packages of 20.

Screening Twice a Year

The PPS is an individually administered screening and is intended to be given twice per school year (i.e. fall and mid-year). Administration of the PPS in the fall and mid-year allows the teacher to measure growth between screenings and ensure that the child is progressing during the year.

The ideal setting for this screening is an area that has a child-sized table and chairs, is free from distractions, and is relatively quiet so that the teacher can be heard. The battery can be broken up and given in different sittings or time periods.

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