How are my scores distributed?

Many assume that the HSPT® score distribution system is similar to college entrance exams, like the SAT and ACT, but it is actually quite different. There is no national coding system for the HSPT®. Individual schools or dioceses order and administer the test and determine their own system for distributing scores.

Many high schools test independently so the results for the students that test there are sent only to that location. In some geographic regions, a cooperative of high schools tests collectively often under the direction of a Catholic diocesan education department. In these cases, students may be presented with the option of sending their scores to several different high schools by coding them on their answer sheet. Such answer sheets need to be correctly coded to ensure that the results are sent to the appropriate school(s).

When testing in a cooperative program, the scoring of test results is often delayed until all of the participating schools’ answer sheets are in. When the scoring center has completed the scoring, results are then sent back to the school where the child tested and the school(s) the child coded.

Whether the school tests individually or cooperatively, the distribution of test results to students and their families is always determined by the school or diocese. Therefore, STS does NOT send results directly to the student’s home.*

*There are some exceptions with cooperative programs that have contracted otherwise.