How Are Tests Scored?
  1. The number of questions that you answered correctly is added up for each subtest. Points are not subtracted for incorrect answers. (There is no penalty for guessing.)
  2. Your raw scores (the number of correct answers) are then converted to standard scores and national percentile rankings for each subtest.  Your national percentile tells what percentage of students had scores below yours in a national sample.  National percentiles range from 1 (low) to 99 (high).  A percentile rank of 50 is exactly average.
  3. Your composite scores (Total Cognitive Skills, Total Basic Skills, and Battery Composite scores) are computed in the same way.  Your raw scores are added together from the subtests that make up each composite score and are then converted to standard scores and national percentiles.  (See below for the parts that make up each composite score.)  Composite scores are not the average of its part scores.

Total Cognitive Skills = Verbal & Quantitative subtests
Total Basic Skills = Reading, Mathematics, & Language subtests
Composite = Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Mathematics, & Language subtests

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