3. Test Scores (National Percentiles)

Your student’s performance on each area of the test is reported in terms of standard scores and national percentile ranks. Your student’s scores are listed in numeric form under each subtest header. The abbreviated subtest headers are expanded upon in the section titled “What the Test Measures.”

Standard scores range from 200-800. Percentiles range from 1-99 and compare your student’s performance with that of other students. Your student’s national percentile rank indicates the percentage of students in the national sample that had lower scores than yours. Your student’s national percentiles are also illustrated in the graph in terms of a performance rating. Average performance is represented by the shaded portion of the graph.

In this example, the student’s standard score of 592 on the Verbal subtest is equal to the 84th percentile, which means his score was higher than 84 percent of the students in the national sample. This also translates to above average performance.