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We realize that more and more parents are taking on the responsibility of educating their children at home. To assist you in this important endeavor, Scholastic Testing Service, Inc. offers:

Readiness Tests for Kindergarten and First Grade. If you’re uncertain about your child’s readiness for kindergarten or first grade instruction, STS’ Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT) or School Readiness Test (SRT) will be a helpful tool to determine your child’s level of preparedness.
Diagnostic Testing for Mathematics (DMA) for Grades 1 and 2 and Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA) for Grade 1. Need a rapid assessment tool for grade 1 or 2 mathematics skills? Need instructional strategies to help your child attain difficult concepts? Try the DMA and DRA.
Quick Proficiency Testing in Mathematics and Communicative Arts (QUIC™). Establish your child’s functional grade level in mathematics or communicative arts in 35 minutes or less with the QUIC™ Tests. Available in two forms, Form G and Form H, for pre- and posttesting at grades 2–12. Form G is also available on PC, which is ideal for home use.
Comprehensive Ability and Achievement Tests. STS offers testing in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Reference Skills, Quantitative and Verbal skills for kindergarten–grade 12 with the Educational Development Series (EDSeries). Choose from four different testing options to obtain the information you need.
Detailed Score Reporting. Our score reporting services allow you to quickly interpret test results, identify your student’s particular learning needs, monitor student progress, and exceed local reporting requirements.
Creativity Boosters. STS is pleased to offer unique products like Learning Mathematics Creatively, Nathan Levy’s Stories with Holes, and books and games from Tin Man Press. These products encourage unconventional thinking and develop problem solving skills.

Contact our customer service department at 1.800.642.6STS (6787) or, for more information on our products. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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