Special Materials and Services

  1. For STS Lease/Score programs (school rental of booklets, manuals, and answer sheets along with purchase of standard scoring), order sufficient materials. One manual is usually provided for every 35 booklets. All Lease/Score materials must be returned within 30 days following testing. A return kit is shipped with your leased materials. Contact us if you need assistance with this.
  2. If answer sheets will be hand scored, a school scoring kit must be ordered separately. The kit includes materials to hand score the test and to record and interpret the results.
  3. If your test results are to be used for scholarship purposes, advise STS. Special security procedures will then be followed, which may slightly delay the return of the results.
  4. If you have scheduled a date for makeup testing, indicate this data on the order form. Makeup tests may be scored separately (subject to a $47.00 minimum charge), or original tests may be held for scoring until makeups arrive.

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