Norm-Referenced Reports–Standard Scoring Services

Group Median National Percentile Charts, compare national percentiles across grades for a given group to the fiftieth national percentile.

Class List Reports (view sample report) organize students in alphabetical order and provide the following information: standard scores; national percentiles; performance vs. expected performance (E); normal curve equivalents (NCEs); grade scores; cognitive skills quotients (CSQs); local percentiles; a fundamental learning area (FLA) average; an overall battery average; and a separate reading score.

The Individual Student Labels provide the same information as the Class List Reports.

Group Summary Reports are statistical summaries of overall group performance usually by section or by grade.

The Student Score Profiles (upper portion) give a norm-referenced interpretation of the ILSB results. The profile is a take-home report which provides an easy-to-understand explanation of scores (view sample report).

Score Profile Group Summaries provide the same information as the Student Score Profile, but for the group.

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