Local Reports–Standard Scoring Services

School Standards Reports, with assessment items and performance cut-score criteria, are the blueprints of the assessment process. Each report lists goals and standards, identifies the test items measuring each standard, and defines cut-scores for all grades and for all fundamental learning areas.

Student Score Profile
(lower portion) details results by goal and standard for each test taken by a student. STS will provide the profile for every student who takes the battery. (view sample report)

Score Profile Group Summary
provides the same information as the Student Score Profile, but for the group.

Goals and Standards Summary Reports
are provided for all grades, for all fundamental learning areas, whether they are benchmark grades/areas or not, and for two years of performance—previous and current years.

Result Analyses and School Improvement Activities Reports
are provided for all grades and for all fundamental learning areas. These reports indicate the standards in which the students performed the lowest within each respective goal.

Additional Services
Sample Reports