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Closed High School Placement Test (HSPT®)
Level: Grades 8.3-9.3
Working Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

The Closed HSPT® is available only as part of a lease/score program. As part of this program, a school can lease Closed HSPT® materials and receive the Closed HSPT® Standard Scoring Service at no additional cost (see page 13). Additional services include Performance Profiles, Student Score Reports, Individual and Group Item Analysis Reports, and standard reports for alternate groups. By using a special answer sheet, a school can also receive lists of student addresses, address labels, and notification forms. These additional services and materials are described here.

The Closed HSPT® provides national normative measures in the following cognitive and basic skills areas: verbal and quantitative skills, reading, mathematics, and language. Optional tests in science (25 min.), mechanical aptitude (15 min.), and Catholic religion (20 min.) are available at no additional cost. The scores from any optional tests are not included in the computation of the Battery Composite score.

Cognitive skills quotients (CSQs), standard scores, national and local percentiles, as well as grade equivalents are standard features of Closed HSPT® reports. The Rasch Item-Response Theory one-parameter model was used to develop the standard score scale and enables reliable year-to-year comparisons to be made.

HSPT® Sample Sets

Only high schools may purchase sample sets of the HSPT® and the Open HSPT®. Sample sets are postage paid, but are nonreturnable. To order, contact us by email, or call 1.800.642.6787.


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