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Rockford Infant Developmental Evaluation Scales

The Rockford Infant Developmental Evaluation Scales (RIDES) offers an informal developmental evaluation for special education professionals involved in early intervention and preschool programs.

RIDES examines five major skills:

Fine Motor/Adaptive
Receptive Language
Expressive Language
Gross Motor

It helps early childhood educators determine which behaviors are present, emerging, or absent in a child from birth to four years of age. In addition, educators receive a skill-by-skill picture of a child’s developmental/behavioral repertoire.

The eight-page RIDES Checklist outlines the 308 developmental behaviors that make up the five skill areas listed above and includes a progress chart on the back page. The manual explains how to use the checklist and how to interpret results.

Other professionals, including nursery school, day care, and preschool staff, can use RIDES for observing specific children and developmental patterns.

Project RHISE
Children’s Development Center,
Rockford, Illinois
Ages birth to 4 years
Working Time:
Approximately one week
Test are instruments which must be used with professional care. Therefore, their sale is restricted.
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