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The TCSW is a battery of two tests: Sounds and Images (SI) and Onomatopoeia and Images (OI). The TCSW battery measures the originality of responses to abstract sounds and onomatopoeic words. An audio cassette provides the stimuli. Both the SI and the OI involve imagery activities that also assess creativity. The TCSW battery is available in two levels, Level I for Grades 3 to 12 and Level II for adults. Each level has two equivalent forms, Forms A and B, for pre- and posttesting.

Dr. E. Paul Torrance
Dr. Joe Khatena
Dr. Bert F. Cunnington
Level I (Grades 3–12)
Level II (Adult)
Working Time:
30 minutes per test


Tests are instruments which must be used with professional care. Therefore, their sale is restricted.
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