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Are your students left-brained or right-brained? How do they prefer to learn new ideas? SOLAT® can help you answer these questions and make your teaching methods more effective.

SOLAT® offers an introduction to the concept of brain hemispheres that will intrigue your students and enlighten you. Possessing an awareness of their own learning styles helps students understand how they learn and how they can approach a variety of challenges.

Both the Elementary Form (kindergarten to Grade 5) and the Youth Form (Grades 6 to 12) are self-administered, self-scored, and provide immediate feedback. The SOLAT® Administrator’s Manual puts results in perspective for students and teachers. It also includes test reliability and validity statistics.

Dr. E. Paul Torrance
Bernice McCarthy
Mary Kolesinski
Jamie Smith
Grades K–5 (Elementary Form)
Grades 6–12 (Youth Form)
Working Time:
30–40 minutes


Tests are instruments which must be used with professional care. Therefore, their sale is restricted.
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