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The innovative KMMPI identifies giftedness in music, art, and leadership for individuals from elementary school through adulthood.

The KMMPI is comprised of a series of rating scale items which individuals check according to their interests and self-perceptions. Both Forms A and B of the KMMPI (2 equivalent forms which may be used for pre- and posttesting) can be scored locally by using the KMMPI manual. This manual contains norms in raw score, percentile rank, standard score, and stanine forms to aid in interpreting the KMMPI relative to the total scale, which provides a Versatility index, and to the factor scales which provide five factors relating to the areas of art, music, creative imagination, initiative, and leadership.

Dr. Joe Khatena
Dr. David T. Morse
Ages 6–Adult
Working Time:
30–45 minutes


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