Starting January 1, 2018, this product will become discontinued. Please contact STS at 1.800.642.6787 or to get special pricing while supplies last.

The HIP® Survey is a training tool for human resource development. Individuals are assessed in terms of their processing preference: left-brain, right-brain, integrated, or mixed.

The HIP® Strategy and Tactics Profiles provide a description of a person’s overall approach, as well as the specific tactics he or she uses in problem solving and decision making.

The Professional Edition of the HIP® Survey, which can suggest how an individual may perform in the workplace, utilizes consumable, self-scoring survey forms and Strategy and Tactics Profiles. For university personnel and others studying human information processing, the Research Edition includes reusable survey forms, response sheets, and Strategy Profiles. Both editions of the HIP® Survey are time- and cost-effective methods of measuring the degree to which individuals think with either brain hemisphere.

Dr. E. Paul Torrance
Dr. Barbara Taggart-Hausladen
Dr. William Taggart
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Approximately 40 minutes

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